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Personalized Necklace

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The picture is just an example of names and words in Inuktitut, you will create the name or word you want. 

Below is the Inuktitut syllabics, you can copy and paste the letter to make the word you want or you can write it in the English alphabet and we will translate it for you. If you want it in the English alphabet, please let us know. 

After you have chosen the length and the colour of the necklace, add to your cart. In your cart, there is a section called ''add a note to your order'', here please provide the name or word you want before you checkout (either already in Inuktitut syllabics or in English letters and we will translate it for you). Otherwise, if you keep it blank, we will send you the Nalligivagit Necklace

Inuktitut Syllabics

ᐁ ᐃ ᐅ ᐊ
ᐯ ᐱ ᐳ ᐸ  ᐲ ᐴ ᐹ
ᑌ ᑎ ᑐ ᑕ  ᑏ ᑑ ᑖ
ᑫ ᑭ ᑯ ᑲ  ᑮ ᑰ ᑳ
ᒉ ᒋ ᒍ ᒐ  ᒌ ᒎ ᒑ
ᒣ ᒥ ᒧ ᒪ  ᒦ ᒨ ᒫ
ᓀ ᓂ ᓄ ᓇ  ᓃ ᓅ ᓈ
ᓭ ᓯ ᓱ ᓴ  ᓰ ᓲ ᓵ
ᓓ ᓕ ᓗ ᓚ  ᓖ ᓘ ᓛ
ᔦ ᔨ ᔪ ᔭ  ᔩ ᔫ ᔮ
ᕓ ᕕ ᕗ ᕙ  ᕖ ᕘ ᕚ
ᕃ ᕆ ᕈ ᕋ  ᕇ ᕉ ᕌ
ᙯ ᕿ ᖁ ᖃ ᖀ ᖂ ᖄ
ᙰ ᖏ ᖑ ᖓ  ᖐ ᖒ ᖔ
ᑉ ᑦ ᒃ ᒡ ᒻ ᓐ ᔅ ᓪ ᔾ ᕝ ᕐ ᖅ ᖕ
*Double-check your order for length, colour and the spelling before you place the order.